About Edit

Tippy Cola is a growing minecraft server for pc users. We are working hard to improve the server and we appreciate your patience.

Games Edit

Our server has lots of fun multiplayer games. Here is a list of them

-Epic Minigames

-Natural Disaster Survival

-Blox Hunt (BETA)

-Minecraft BTD (BETA)


Latest UpdatesEdit

We update the server constantly, Here is the list of all the latest updates.

(3/18) Bug Fixes

(3/7) Bug Fixes, Revamped shop item prices

(2/27) Added new lobby (Spring Lobby), Added new shop items, Added Mining and Fishing feature, Bug Fixes, Revamped V.I.P features, All Games have new maps, Fixed Auction Feature, New Badges Available, Added Spring Sale (All Spring like items are 30% off), Effects permanently Removed (Refunds Available Until April), Blox Hunt (BETA) released

(2/22) Auction Released, Effects Removed from shop (Refunded), Lag Reduce, Bug Fixes


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